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We never liked the idea of putting our dogs into kennels, so we started Watson's Home Boarding offers doggy daycare, dog boarding and dog training services, your dog stays the day, a night or few weeks and lives with us and our dog/s, we can also schedule in stay training. 


The dogs have the whole of the downstairs area to move around in. The backyard is very secure with 6-foot fences all around with lockable double gates and CCTV. 


We are insured and officially registered with a four (4) **** star rating by the local authority, which is the highest standard that we can achieve until we have operated for two years.


We want to keep the quality of the service very high, therefore we limit the number of dogs we have at any one time, this ensures your dog gets the right level of TLC.


Your dog will get a minimum of two good walks every day. We have fields directly in front of us and we are situated only 5 minutes walk from Burbage Common. 


How does it work: Confirm your dates asap, You supply the dog, it's bed, food & treats any medication and we do the rest.

We are licensed to thrill...
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