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We never liked the idea of putting our dogs into kennels

I have been dog training for over 18 years, and it is so rewarding helping an owner/handle to communicate with their dog, to build a relaxed relationship so the dog is a pleasure to have around and not a worry. 

Unfortunately, at times I am brought in at the very end that 

So we started Watson’s Home Boarding. We offer a service where your dog comes and lives with us and our dogs, roam the house with our dog. 

We are licensed to thrill...
What do we know about 


We have both had dogs throughout our life's, we are very passionate about dogs and their well being and would not be without dogs in our lives, we just love dogs.


I have been an instructor at Nuneaton Dog Training Club for the past 18 years and have completed many training courses over those years. We are both trained in animal first aid.

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